Untitled Black Exhibition
New sculptures. A series of thin, slim and graceful sculptures designed at the beginning of 2018, based on ink drawings from 2017. My mentality—that art should be for everyone—motivate me to create small sculptures, perfectly sized for table tops, shelves or puristic white cubes shown above.
New Painting-as-object. I see ‘reality’ as an organic and dynamic structure that’s constantly changing due to time passing. Trying to visualize these traces of process, isolating and capturing them, that’s truly fascinating! Above: two new wall sculptures finished in October 2018.


Who could say no to that. The young FUCHSUNDIGEL gallery from Reinbek visits my exhibition in Hamburg and spontaneously asks me if I would like to exhibit some of my new dark works together with the Hamburg painter Paul Schrader and the illustrator Lena van Leuvensteijn. Watch that short video to see some «Pictures of […]
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»Talking about painting does not make sense. By communicating something with language, you change it. One constructs such qualities that can be spoken and suppresses those that can not be pronounced, but which are always the most important ones.» Gerhard Richter. UNTITLED BLACK I am happy about the opening of my exhibition. I am grateful […]
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