Untitled Black
Expression of transformation
Sculptures. A series of thin, slim and graceful sculptures designed in the middle of 2018, based on ink drawings from 2017. My mentality—that art should be for everyone—motivate me to create small sculptures, perfectly sized for table tops, shelves or puristic white cubes like shown above.
Paintings-as-object. I see ‘reality’ as an organic and dynamic structure that’s constantly changing due to time passing. Trying to visualize these traces of process, isolating and capturing them, that’s truly fascinating! Above: two new wall sculptures finished in October 2018.
Drawings. Composition in the smallest format. A series of small square drawings made with gouache and oil pastels on natural cardboard. These small drawings are compositional sketches for large-scale implementation – a big challenge for the coming months.
Exhibition. From April 5 to 7, 2019, the 27th International Art Exhibition FORMART will take place in Glinde near Hamburg. 42 selected visual artists from 8 different nations present around 1,500 works from painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, object art and mixed media. I am very happy that the jury invited me to this exhibition.

Reliefs rethought

Working on new bronze wall mounted panels and continuing the idea of combining my sculptures and paintings as objects. The wax models are in the foundry – and I’m looking forward to patinating. Not sure, if a shadow gap frame will look good, maybe the panels just float on spacers in front of the wall. […]
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A long time I’m thinking to smallest bronze plates like an amulets or charm with an abstract minimalistic texture and surface. With a fine silver hoop, the small relief can be worn around the neck. The objects from modeling wax are now in the foundry – and I’m really looking forward to the first results. […]
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