Between the lines

Sculpting and painting means to use a material as an expansion of the self, entering a dialog with the material, transferring and materializing emotions or thoughts, which I carry inside of me. I would call it brain reading, a way of translating thoughts into matter. As a search for simplicity, the distance of everyone and everything, the inner silence, the stillness that leads to the awakening of consciousness.

I am not a story teller. But I feel the work I make tells the story «between the lines» on its own. The story told: take a closer look, get in touch, don't judge, don't assume. I just prefer to be questioning rather than explaining. My work does not exist in a vacuum but it is part of me, my life, and the world I live in. However, I’ve never felt it necessary to title my works. Art does not need translation, it's a language without words, a transference through matter. I want it to be left as open ended as possible, so that the experience is to be that of the beholder’s. At the end they are autonomous objects that has to exist within themselves. They call for a resonance, a sensual perception, a touch – or not. That’s it.

The work that I have picked up on in recent years is a continuum of what I started and studied more than three decades ago. Now that I'm in my late fifties, art has become my full-time occupation and passion. Before I have built a way back to my own creative self at the end of 2016, I worked as a designer on my own company for over 30 years. So the progress is like the replacement of the digital back to the analog – to the craft.

Do you, in your pace.


Jan-Peter Rieken, born 1960, is a visual artist living and working in Hamburg and in a little mountain village in the 'middle of nowhere'. He is a graduated designer, studied Art and Design in Hamburg under Prof. Martin Andersch, Prof. Otto Ruths, Siegfried Oelke, Prof. Friedrich Einhoff, Prof. Hans Weckerle. 


Quellen Galerie, Stuttgart, 26. June – 31. July 2020, Viva con Agua Arts
Affordable Art Fair Milano, 6-9 February 2020, Visus Gallery, Belgium
London Art Fair, 20-26 January 2020, Visus Gallery, Belgium

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Millerntor Gallery  
Kunstwerk–Werkkunst, Reinbek  
Millerntor Gallery #9, Hamburg  
FormArt, International Art Fair, Glinde

Fuchsundigel Galerie, Reinbek
Untitled Black, Pop-Up Gallery, Hamburg
Studio View III   

Galerie Hilde Leiss, Hamburg
Studio View II 
Studio View I   


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