Just to be yourself is enough. 

My work is like journey through the sediments of time. When I’m working there are moments when I sink in. Then there is a creation without the intention of creating: A dialogue with the material that I use. A penetration of fragments of thoughts, feelings or sensations into the materiality and the form of the objects. Intuitive and impulsive. There is no willful intent or artificial will. The uncontrollable and the spontaneous are the tools I use to create works where it is the materials physical properties that call forth the living and authentic in the work.

As a painter and sculptor, I would like to draw attention to the tension between hidden stratum and deeper traces, the interaction between objects, the effects of light and shadow, the abstraction on the essential – everything that we do not immediately perceive at first glance, but which is there nonetheless, playing its role in the impact of a work of art. Like a sensual bridge between the real and the imaginary, between material and immaterial. What you see is what you don't see.

Art is a language without words. That's why I don't give my works any titles that unnecessarily charge them. There is no story I need to tell. In the end, they are self-sufficient objects that evoke a noticeable resonance, a sensual perception, the desire to touch – or they don't.

jan peter rieken
» Abstraction is like distillation. By filtering out the essence from the inessential, things become more clear. «
 JP Rieken


1960 – Hamburg, Germany 

1982–1989 – Graduated designer, Hamburg 

Back to the roots
Before making art as his full-time passion in 2017 he was owner of a Design Studio between 1990 and 2016.
He is living and working in Hamburg and in a little rural mountain village in the 'middle of nowhere'


Represented by
Visus Gallery, Belgium
art@visusgallery.com ‭


Bright Up, Group Show, Visus Gallery, Brussels
Art Matters 3, Online Group Show, Galerie Biesenbach, »honourable mention« 


Group Show, Visus Gallery, Ile de Ré, France
Group Show, Quellen Galerie, Viva con Agua Arts, Stuttgart
Art Matters, Online Group Show, Galerie Biesenbach, »honourable mention«
Affordable Art Fair Milano, Visus Gallery, Milano
London Art Fair, Visus Gallery, London

Affordable Art Fair, Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg
Kunstwerk–Werkkunst, Reinbek  
Millerntor Gallery #9, Charity-Auction, Hamburg  
FormArt, International Art Fair, Glinde

Duo-Show, Fuchsundigel Galerie, Reinbek
Untitled Black, Pop-Up Gallery, Hamburg
Studio View III  – Private Exhibition, Hamburg

Group Show, Galerie Hilde Leiss, Hamburg
Studio View II  – Private Exhibition, Hamburg
Studio View I  – Private Exhibition, Hamburg

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