Jan-Peter Rieken is a visual artist working in a variety of media. His sculptural objects and paintings usually deal with his relationship with the void, the hidden, the unconscious and imperfection. The acceptance of imperfection and humble things comes from the concept of respecting things as they are. The space that this idea creates between the viewer and the artwork happens in silence where art can perform its greatest functions.

In all his works he explicitly minimizes the use of color and form, which creates a sense of serenity and reflection, simplicity and purity. He is creating works with a subtle minimalist approach, in which an uncompromising attitude towards minimal art and abstractions can be found.

At the forefront of his intuitively work is the exploration of the boundaries between painting and sculpture, between the real and the imaginary, between material and immaterial. Each of his works is like a plunge into the void of a black slate upon which the unconscious is invited to write its own narrative. So it's not surprising that he doesn't give his works titles that unnecessarily load them up.


Jan-Peter Rieken, born 1960, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, where he studied art and design. His works were shown in exhibition projects in London (UK), Brussels (BE), Île de Ré (FR), Milan (IT) and Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne (DE). He has collectors in Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy and in the United States of America. Before making art as his full-time passion in 2017, he was founder and owner of a Branding Agency for more than three decades.


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